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Roller Shutter

Category Outfitting
Brand Jansen
Country Germany
Supplier Leaxin

A-0 roller shutters convince by their aesthetical steel and stainless steel execution. They are inspected and approved as fire barriers according to the latest IMO resolutions MSC.61(67) – FTP code, IMO MSC/Cir 1120. In case of fire the shutter will be released via smoke and temperature detectors and shuts down in a controlled way.

The curtain consists of 1.0 mm thick single-walled slats out of galvanized steel or stainless steel. The slats are hingelike joined. Steel end pieces prevent sideways displacement of the slats. The end profile is made screwed and equipped with permanently flexible textile seal.

The guide rail consists of bevelled, galvanized steel profiles in screwed version. The mounting screws are hidden within the guide rail. Guide rails are available with welded or screwed connections.

Drive, bearing and end stops are mounted on bearing brackets. Bearing brackets consist of 4 mm thick sheet steel and are screwed to the lateral guide rails.