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Pipeline Identifications

Category Piping system
Brand European brand
Country Europe
Supplier Leaxin

Pipe markers are quick visual cues, providing immediate identification information of pipe contents for emergency responders and workers to safely carry out their responsibilities when working in and around piping systems.

Pipe Markers provide visible information to communicate the start, run, and end of contents in piping systems. A comprehensive and standardized labeling program–when installed properly provides an awareness of hazards in piping systems, thus, promoting a safe working environment. Minimizing the potential for downtime due to unknown pipe contents that may lead to an error or accident. The legend or wording on the pipe marker is to be the primary means of naming the contents of the pipe. The name is to be brief, yet complete or in understood abbreviated format. Arrows are to accompany the legend to indicate the directional flow of the contents. Additional information may be necessary to identify the content details such as pressure and temperature.