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Cable Termination System

Category Electric
Brand Tyco
Country USA
Supplier Leaxin

Over the last three decades, engineers in utilities and industry around the world have specified million’s of Raychem cable terminations at distribution voltages up to 36 kV.

Raychem terminations have become identified with reliability because of their unparalleled long-term performance – where it really counts – in the field.

Today there are many changes influencing the distri bution of power at medium voltages. For example, the transition to new types of polymeric cable, distribution at higher voltages, and the widespread usage of compact switchgear.

Anticipating these industry changes, we have continued to extend and improve the product range, based on the extensive experience both in the field and at our outdoor test sites in polluted and desert environments. 

Now these developments are incor po rated in a new generation of Raychem heat-shrinkable cable terminations, that are even easier to select and install, without compro mising the reliability of proven mate rials technology. The improved system is simple to use, because the basic termination components and installation steps are the same – even if your network operates with voltages of 7.2 to 36 kV; if you use 12 kV belted paper cable and 24 kV water-blocked single core polymeric cable; whether you make equipment connections in a cable box or in compact switchgear.