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Insulation Material

Category Outfitting
Brand Isover-Saint Gobain
Country Germany
Supplier Leaxin

As the world’s leading insulation company, ISOVER, belonging to Saint Gobain group has drawn attention to the importance  of effective and sustainable insulation in technical areas, including Marine & Offshore, where effective insulation is not only  needed to save energy, but also to provide fifire safety, acoustical and thermal comfort.ISOVER is using ULTIMATE materials  which represent a new standard for top performance combining advantages of glass wool and stone wool. Standards are  becoming increasingly challenging across the shipbuilding industry, particularly in terms of safety on board, fifire protection  being a key issue. In the quest for bigger and faster ships, the weight of materials and weight reduction in general has never  played such an important role as today.The ISOVER ULTIMATE product range provides the optimal answer: a new generation  of high-performance mineral wool made by ISOVER, the world market leader for insulation solutions.

ULTIMATE combines all of the advantages of conventional mineral wool products in terms of fifire, thermal and acoustic insulation, with substantial weight savings. It brings you an ultimate safety, with performances you can rely on. ULTIMATE  enables you to save so much more! An excellent balance on every aspect: ULTIMATE's thermal performance guarantees a  big rise in energy effificiency while at the same time signifificantly lower operating costs and CO2-emissions.  Since ULTIMATE comes with an exceptionally light weight and compressed packaging, it requires much less transportation  and storage capacity and is also easier and faster to install - saving costs on site. Save money, time, space and the environment - thanks to ISOVER know-how! All-round performance.One product.Perfectly combined by ISOVER.